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Please Stop Flying Your Private Jets

For all you readers out there that have been flying around in your private jets, please stop at once. We are being advised from the highest political levels that you are destroying our economy — please see our press photo above of a recent presidential speech from HealthcAir Force One (Air Force One) concerning extravagant [...]


So Would You Like To Write Your Own Blog

Many people, millions in fact, write blogs today.  So have you ever wanted to write one of your own? Here’s a couple of helpful tips for you.  First, you can do this for free.   There are many free blog programs out there.  I’ve tried most of them and I can save you some time by telling [...]


Five Hundred Dollar Silver And Trees Saving Up For Winter

One of the nice things about this time of year is the great display put on by the trees as they change the color of their leaves. But why do they do this?  Have you ever wondered? The trees are getting ready to survive winter.  They are sealing off their leaves, small twigs and sticks to [...]