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Super Bowl Prediction By Mimosa

Wow, no arguing with Mimosa on that one – she’s sharp as a tack, isn’t she? I guess Woody was expecting a more conventional answer like the Giants or the Patriots.  Anyhow, have a great Super Bowl Sunday — and I hope your favorite team wins – J. Daniel Text of Cartoon: Woody: So who’s [...]


Flip-Flopper Presidential Candidate

Can you believe some of the things these Presidential candidates are saying these days?  I swear, some days I think they will say and do anything to win the election — but that’s just cynical and crass of me, now isn’t it. Have a nice day (and wear your hip boots) – J. Daniel Cartoon [...]


Mayan 2012 Calendar – End Of The World

Sometimes after I’ve drawn a cartoon I come up with a variation that may be better, have a different meaning, or be clearer.  In this case I took out the Y2k reference and just kept it simple, i.e. the Mayan’s calendar ended in 2012 just because they ran out of steps.  I think this variation [...]