WoodChips Politics

The predominant beleaf toward equality of individual rights causes many of the the WoodChips to lean toward a Limbertarian Political View.  That is to say they are limber, or flexible, or tolerant of all beleafs, as long as others respect their right to beleaf their way also.

Of course, there are other political parties and ideologies, but they are not so widely held.

There are the LiberalTrees, who seem like a real bunch of Party Trees.  They’re somewhat liberal on how other trees live their lives, but are continually coming up with all kinds of expensive social tree programs.  They’re actually fun to party with, as Juan will attest, even though he doesn’t agree with much of what they say.

Then there’s the ConservaTrunks who seem to be a bunch of somber business people.  They aren’t as fun to party with, but do say they don’t want to take everyone’s money.  However, what they say and what they’ve done recently make both the LiberalTrees and the ConservaTrunks appear to be almost identical.

The funniest political party seems to be the ReLimb party, who isn’t sure what they’re for.  They’re just sure they’re against what every branch of government is doing today.  They’re run by an ex-TreeWrestler named  Jesse.

Except for the Limbertarians, all the other parties are made up of pollsters, a special statistical type of tree that’s always talking about what the public wants today (versus what it wanted yesterday, now forgotten), and representing these opinions with numbers and platypustic and leptomaniac curves that are supposed to explain all of this.

We aren’t sure what curves of furry little Australian AnimalPeoples and compulsive thieves have to do with it, but then most politics is fairly incomprehensible everywhere.  Actually,  thinking of taxes, the politicians leptomanic curves do begin to come into sharp focus after all.

As you may guess, much of this is controversial.  Of course, the next chapter is as well.

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