Maple is overwhelmed in the swamp with lots of alligators trying to remember what she was going to do

Maple has her share of busy days trying to keep up with the challenges of the office and whole EveryGreen family.

Your basic, run of the mill WoodChip Gal, she usually feels like she’s running in place, just trying to keep up.  Pretty smart by all accounts, she spends a lot of time helping Elmer deal with the technology of modern day life.

After a full workday, she goes home to her second job, trying to keep up with her little saplings Chip and Cherry, as well as their pets DogWood and PussyWillow — and Elmer’s latest technological crisis.

So sometimes life can get a little overwhelming for Maple.  When there’s time, she likes to hang down at the Bark n Barley Bar with Elmer, just to listen to all the sawdust that gets spewed around.

She also secretly likes Captn Stumpy and his gruff ways, although there’s nothing to this, really.

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