#57-WoodChips Cartoon 57-The “New” Laissez-Faire


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  • The “NEW” Laissez-Faire



  • EXXON Lobbyist
  • Another Voluntary Government Mandate
  • Woods To Live By
  • Where The Heck I’ve Been The Past Months
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   We’ve received over 30,000 comments on the WoodChips at the main site.   
   But we just couldn’t beat this one (shown below), so we’re going with it this issue.
   As they say, simplicity is the solution. – J. Daniel
   Dan —
   WoodChips is so DAMN good.
   I can’t believe how you get the time or focus to do it. 
   Take care – Bob G.
The “NEW” Laissez-Faire

Today’s cartoon puts me in mind of a whimsical little French story that happened long, long ago – about 1680 actually.Way
back then, through some accidental twist of fate, the French government
lost focus on trying to control everything.  I’m not sure why – could
be they were all on a multi-year holiday, or campaigning for re-election
or thinking about getting involved in another expensive foreign war
helping the American colonies.  Hmmm … my time frame may be off a bit on
that last one, but really, no matter the reason.

Because while they were off doing whatever, there was a lapse in government regulation of the economy.

Ha, ha – gotcha there, didn’t I.  Total fiction.

is NEVER a lapse in government regulations, just enforcement.  That’s
because enforcement requires work and follow-up, but creating
regulations is just about writing a bunch of stuff that other people are
supposed to do, and carefully phrasing it so it doesn’t apply to you.

Okay, so that part is real.

Anyhow, during this accidental freedom thing, something really strange happened.  The  Click For More Laissez-Faire.

EXXON Lobbyist
Okay, so I’d like your cartooning opinion on this one.
I toyed with the dialog and thought it could also say, “I hear the economy is so bad that EXXON had to lay off 25 Congressmen.”  I don’t know if I thunk that one up on my own or heard it somewhere (sounds very Jay Leno), but I think I actually like it better.
So which do you prefer …
  1. Congress had to lay off Lobbyist
  2. EXXON had to lay off Congressmen
Just click here to email me your opinion at mailto: jdaniel@thewoodchips.com.  Put EXXON in the subject line if you think about it.

Thanks and have a nice day – J. Daniel


Bonus Cartoon
Another Voluntary Government Mandate

I’m just waiting to hear this oxymoron about forcing people to comply
with a government mandated program voluntarily, aren’t you?
We have a
couple of candidates in the race now, Governor Romney and President
O’Bama, so we’ll see if either one of them says it.  And of course, with
all the health care reform talk, the health care mandates and a Supreme
Court decision, it may just be a Click For More Mandates.
Woods To Live By
“If a tree falls in a forest and lands on a politician, even if you can’t hear the tree or the screams, I’ll bet you’d at least hear the applause” Paul Tindale

Where The Heck Have I Been
For those who wonder where the heck the WoodChips Newsletter and I have been, since hasn’t come out in a month or so, here’s a brief explanation. 
Since late last year I’ve written two books.  One is entitled Stock Market For Beginners (130 pages), and the latest one is Stock Options For Beginners (175 pages). 
Also I put on a great oil trade recently that gained 49% in 8 weeks and created an animation about it called How To Be An Oil Speculator.  Then to relax a bit, I went camping in the wilds of Quebec, Canada at Mont Tremblant for a few days.  Outside of that, hey, nuthin’ going on, really.
In any event, we’re about ready to roll out the two books at my other site, www.LiveLearnAndProsper.com.  The WoodChips are for fun, your soul and your heartwood.  Live Learn and Prosper is for your life and investments.
So I’ll share more of that when the books are released if you like.  In the meantime, you might find the animation on How To Be An Oil Speculator amusing – and possibly even informative.  You can watch it by clicking here Oil Speculator.
And there are more WoodChips coming to your heartwood in the future.
So that’s the deal – and have a nice day – J. Daniel

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