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  • Sketchy Politics

    Will Romney Hit A Pothole?



  • What’s Your Sign? 

    Do You Believe In Astrology?

  • The Ultimate Procrastinator

       2012 Mayan End Of World WoodChips Calendar


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Reader Comments
Funny political comment from a British friend and gentleman.
   Just a quick note to thank you and the American people for the kindness and hospitality shown to our Prime Minister during his current visit.
   As I am sure you appreciate and understand you can always rely and trust us Brits.  Therefore if things in the US go totally bang (think Rik and Sarah in control!) you can totally rely on us to come back over and replant the flag and you start all over again. Ken Taylor – England
I think he’s kidding about Santorum and Palin and re-colonizing America (chuckle) – J. Daniel

Sketchy Politics


Okay, so some of you may think the bus looks a lot like an Etch-A-Sketch.

And some may think I am picking on Republican political candidate
Mitt Romney – who, by the way – just had a staffer say that after the
primary election was over they could just reset him (implied – on the
issues) like shaking an Etch-A-Sketch and making the screen blank again.

Hmmmm … well, you are right about the bus.  Strangely, it does
resemble an Etch-A-Sketch, what with those straight connected lines and
the white bus wheels that seem to resemble Etch-A-Sketch control knobs.
Funny how that worked out, really.

But you’re only a little bit right on me picking on Mitt.  I am,
perhaps, going for bigger fish.  Like politics in general – in America -
and around the world – in the history of mankind (we think big here at
WoodChips Central).

You see, Mitt’s developed a near fatal problem in the past few days.
And you will NEVER guess what it is.  I’m not talking about the fact
that Click For More Sketchy Politics.

What’s Your Sign?
I got this cartoon idea from the late, great Arthur C. Clark, British
science fiction author, inventor and futurist extraordinaire.  He fired
my imagination as a young man, and I believe I’ve read virtually all of
his books.  You may know of him from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Someone once asked him what his sign was.  And he replied, “I don’t
believe in astrology — I’m a Sagittarius, and we are skeptical.”

I selfishly changed the sign to Virgo.  You may gather that I am a
Virgo.  We are said to be yawn-wide boring.  I wonder if Mitt Romney is a

Oh, and I am skeptical.

Have a nice day – J. Daniel


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The Ultimate Procrastinator
(2012 Mayan End Of World WoodChips Calendar)
OK, so a lot of you have gotten your free 2012 WoodChips Calendars by now.  And then, some others haven’t gotten around to it yet.  Hey, it’s only March, right? (chuckle).

So for you ultimate procrastinators, and believe me, I admire your
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the year is out.

Our top level meetings here at WoodChips Central lead us to believe this would help you get around to downloading the calendar. 
This special calendar has the holidays after the end of the world
conveniently grayed out so you won’t accidently plan something.

So go ahead and click here to get your free calendar, before the world ends. And I’d get cracking on that bucket list while your at it (chuckle).

Have a great day – J. Daniel


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Woods To Live By

“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.”

– Henry David Thoreau

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