Dr. Einstem

Dr. Albert Einstem is known for correcting an artificial division in tree science  early in this century when he was reviewing the conservation of energy law and the conservation of matter law.  After little thought (because he’s a plant genus), Dr. Einstem said, “Is intuitively obvious to der casual observer der need be only one law because energy and matter der be same ting because E=mc2.”

We aren’t exactly sure what Al meant by all that but the letters and that little number thingy at the end looked way cool so we accepted the whole thing on the scientific principal of coolness and aesthetics.

Dr. Einstem also wrote some Seminal papers (we also don’t know what the Indian tribe had to do with it, but man those Seminal Indians can boogie) on the Theory of Reliability.  His first paper, on the Special Theory of Reliability said, “you can count on some of the people some of the time.”

After years of thought experiments, he devised a General Theory of Reliability which was an amended (and more general) version of the Special Theory of Reliability.  The General Theory read, “Sometimes (emphasis added) you can count on some of the people some of the time.”

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