#78-Deer Hunting And Healthcare Confusion-Beware The Four Hour Election


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My goodness, there sure is a lot of confusion in healthcare and government these days.  It’s hard to know what’s going on.

And those Viagra commercials just add to the whole thing with their dire warnings about using their product…  although a buddy of mine recently made a not so politically correct comment on the phone the other day that if he had a four hour “election”  he’d be so happy he’d post a picture on Facebook about it.  But he suddenly recanted… don’t know why exactly, if it was “too much information” or the fact that he noticed an NSA drone circling over his house shortly after the phone call.  Maybe the NSA was just deer hunting, you know… could have been as innocent as all that, really.

Anyhow, I guess the country will get it all sorted out in the end (chuckle).  For some reason I keep thinking about Winston Churchill’s line when he said “You can always count on America to do the right thing… after they had tried everything else.”Anyhow, that’s it for this edition. I love to read all of your thoughts and opinions.

So feel free to say what’s on your mind, bend the facts to fit pet theories, or heck, use no facts at all and just let her rip in a stream of consciousness.  Factual, thought-out comments are also welcome, although viewed with great suspicion as they don’t fit the format of the national debate.

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