Poco Loco

Poco Loco is a little Spanish TreePeople.  While Poco’s fundamentally a good TreePle, he’s a little on the high strung side and is constantly going off on tangents.  Actually, most folks think he’s just a leetle beet crazy, which is how he got his name.

Poco Loco hates Bill Gates, which is unusual for a WoodChip.  Most WoodChips love Microsoft Word because this is where they were created.  It follows that they hold Bill in high regard, if not outright reverence.

Juan’s pretty sure Poco feels this way because he suffers from short tree syndrome and this makes him feel big.

Poco carries two loaded pistols tucked in his bark belt.

Juan thinks this is dangerous in a real personal sort of way, but Poco thinks its really macho.  Poco has an annoying habit of getting real excited, and shooting off his pistols, shouting, “Somos pocos, pero estamos locos,” in his surprisingly deep little voice.

We understand two things from this.  First, he’s saying, “We are few, but we are crazy.”  No disagreement here, really.  And second, since his voice remains deep, it’s clear he’s remembered to pull his pistols out of his pants belt each time before he’s shot them off.

So far.

That Poco, he’s a real pestal.

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