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Thorns Have A Rose

CARTOON DIALOG: Setting: The Merry Woodster is approaching a fork in the road where there is a red  rose bush.  He leans over to pick up a rose in the path that has fallen from the bush.  And he thinks… Merry Woodster (thinking): Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns… Merry Woodster (thinking [...]


New Honorary WoodChip Steve

Congratulations to Steve as our latest Honorary WoodChip.  Steve has been a long-time enthusiastic supporter of The WoodChips. You can see him listed along with other WoodChips Luminaries here – Honorary WoodChips. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame! J. Daniel


Kim Jong’s Missile Can’t Start

I got the idea for this cartoon while installing Windows 8, rather painfully I might say, on my new laptop this week.  And of course, Kim Jong and his bravado from North Korea has been all over the news, so the two ideas just kind of congealed into an obvious ”double failure to launch” idea, so to speak. MilliSoft [...]