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This month, WoodChips subscribers in France viewed the WoodChips site more than any other non-US country.  So in a tribute to them, we created this cartoon in French. 

And it seems to be a nice French sentiment, and one of mine as well.  Now, you have to be careful with translations, I mean, this may mistakenly say something like “Dan stuck a carrot in his ear,” so read with a grain of salt.

Click here for the English translation… or what I think it says (chuckle).






Now AVAILABLE on Amazon!




Winston Churchill once said that when you make someone laugh, you give them a little vacation.

Which is what you will do for yourself as you enjoy more of the WoodChip’s antics as they keep on saving
our planet, one chuckle at a time. 


The WoodChips are spunky tree characters with names like
June Nipper, Woody, DeadWood, Mimosa, Maple and Elmer – to name a few – all
poking fun at things and helping us to “see the forest through the Trees.”

The book is chock full of over 60 of the BEST WoodChips cartoons!  Like…



  • Never Do Math In A Bar
  • Friends Don’t Let Other Friends Do Stupid Things… Alone
  • Coach KickAsh Is A Genius
  • And many more
And you get an introduction to ALL 18 of the WoodChips characters.  Hey, it’s a virtual Tour de Forest of WoodChipdom, with more characters like Capt’n Stumpy, Mr. BigTwig, Dr. TreeAge, Sir BranchALot, Van Bough, DogWood (he’s a WoofChip) and others.
Plus 7 humorous articles to boot — like Chicken Feathers Will Save The World, or If At First You Don’t Succeed, Skydiving Is Not For You (where the book title came from).
In all, over 140 pages of fun.  Just click here if you’d like a sneak look inside – If At First You Don’t Succeed…




And give yourself a mini-vacation.




Comments welcome – JDaniel@TheWoodChips.com.



The FREE 2014 WoodChips Calendars are now available.  Currently there are ten to choose from.
Shown above is the second highest downloaded calendar in 2013.  I got the idea for the cartoon in a phone conversation one evening with enthusiastic WoodChipper Karen of Kansas City (also my sister).  Apparently, the overloaded work thing struck a resonant chord with many WoodChippers around the world.
Can you guess which cartoon / calendar hit the number one position?  The women WoodChippers will appreciate this.  That’s because women created it.  To get that interesting background story, Click here to view the most frequently downloaded WoodChips calendar for 2013.



While I normally draw on a large stack of ideas for cartoons that I scribble down, ideas for this months cartoons came from alert WoodChips readers.  Many thanks to Ken T. (London), Marty and LaRissa (St. Louis) and Steve S. (Orlando) for this month’s cartoon inspiration.  And keep them cards and letters coming!

Well, that’s pretty much it for now, so I hope you enjoyed this edition of The WoodChips.   

And don’t forget, you can’t believe everything you see on the “internets.”  Except the WoodChips stuff, of course.
Be sure and email us because we love to read all of your thoughts and opinions.  And feel free to say what’s on your mind, bend the facts to fit pet theories, or heck, use no facts at all and just let her rip in a stream of consciousness.  Factual, thought-out comments are also welcome, although viewed with great suspicion as they don’t fit the format of the national debate.

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