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OMG! We Need Another Government

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Maple and Elmer are watching legislation being passed in Washington D.C. Senator: All in favor of the Omnibus Resolution for Perpetual War, Health Care Clarification Act (with 12,347 new rules), Freedom To Pilfer IRA Retirement Savings Act, the new Anticipated Dividend / Capital Gains Tax, Citizen’s Email Seizure Bill… hmmm… and funding [...]


Have You Noticed This About Your Underwear

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: June Nipper standing with her guitar and a drink, asking a question. June Nipper: Have you noticed as you get older that your underwear creeps up on you… June continues: … and you kind of like it. I think this would make a funny birthday card, don’t you?


Vegetarian Is Just An Old Indian Phrase

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Mimosa, Woody and an Indian are in the Bark n Barley Bar.  Woody is eating a giant cheeseburger. Mimosa: Woody, you shouldn’t eat that, it has a lot of fat in it.  You should be a vegetarian and get healthy. Woody: Vegetarian!   Yechhh!  I’ll never give up my carnivorous ways. Indian: Yeah, [...]