#56-The WoodChips Go To London; Blame It On The Mayans


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  • What’s A Bob? WoodChips In London



  • CheeseHenge And The Early Britons
  • Have You Ever Got In Trouble Like This?
  • March 26 & 26; Blame It On The Mayans
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Reader Comments
   I feel as you could probably teach a category on how to produce a great blog.
   This is fantastic! I need to say, what really got me was your design.
   You understand how to make your website more than just a rant about a issue.
   You’ve made it easy for visitors to connect.
   Good for you, because not too many people know what they’re doing. – Sano G.
   I’m not sure we deserve all of that praise, Sano, but we’ll take it.
   And thanks – love your enthusiasm. – J. Daniel
What’s A Bob? – WoodChips Go To London

I heard some unsettling news this week from my friend Gerald in London.
Gerald is an ace copywriter and well informed gentleman with Drayton Bird Associates, who also seems to know just about everything concerning internet marketing, websites and their construction.

So I had mentioned how much I enjoyed the pubs during my
extended time in London in the late 70s.  And he informed me in the
course of that email conversation that many of the pubs are becom
franchise chains – not the authentic thing as I recalled.


Images of rubber-stamped lookalike pubs and McDonald’s and
Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken flew through my head, stomping all over
those good memories.  Good God, I
thought, of all the places I had hoped to hold with their tradition, surely
England and the pubs were two of them.


Not that we’re so good at that, really.  Here in the States, it seems things change so
much that if we
Click For More WoodChips In London.

CheeseHenge And The Early Britons


In all fairness, I must give credit to a British friend of mine,
Gerald,  for the CheeseHenge and building materials concept, who in all
fairness tells me he got the idea from someone else, I think famous and
in Britain, a comedian named Eddie Izzard, who is quite funny – so
anyhow, that’s the whole fairness and credits thing – chuckle.  I hope
the cartoon lives up to their expectations.

So, outside of my own uncontrollable imagination, I also get cartoon
ideas from astute and creative WoodChips readers like Gerald, and Eddie.
who have now been inducted into the Honorary WoodChips Hall of Fame.

If you have cartoon ideas, I’d love to hear them.  Just click on the
title of this post here CheeseHenge and enter your idea in the comment box that magically
appears below.  You could be the next Honorary WoodChip if you do.

And wouldn’t that just make your day :-) – J. Daniel


Bonus Cartoon
Have You Ever Got In Trouble Like This?
March 26 & 26; Blame It On The Mayans

An astute WoodChips reader recently pointed out (actually on March 26th, or was that the 27th as the 26th) that our free WoodChips calendars had two March 26th days in it (see calendar below which you can still get with this feature). 


The comment seemed to imply we had made a mistake.

After much deliberation here at WoodChips Central we decided to follow the American Government / Many Large Corporation’s damage control models and…

  1. Spend all of our time trying to blame anyone but ourselves
  2. Spend none of our time actually fixing the process, and
  3. Eventually settle on the fact we could blame it on someone else – the Mayans, in this instance, since this is their big calendar year — ummm … and this may all blow over on December 21st.

We were all feeling pretty smug about how we handled this PR opportunity (that’s government / corporate talk for when things are all really #$%$#$ up), but then our PR guy said that Click For More Blame It On The Mayans.

Ultimate Procrastinator
(2012 Mayan End Of World WoodChips Calendar)
OK, so a lot of you have gotten your free 2012 WoodChips Calendars by now.  And then, some others haven’t gotten around to it yet.  Hey, it’s only April, right? (chuckle).

So for you ultimate procrastinators, and believe me, I admire your
staying power, we’ve created the Ultimate Procrastinators Calendar,
featuring the Mayan End Of The World – which, oh by the way, ends before
the year is out.

Our top level meetings here at WoodChips Central lead us to believe this would help you get around to downloading the calendar. 
This special calendar has the holidays after the end of the world
conveniently grayed out so you won’t accidently plan something.
AND … it has two March 26th in it, which have already passed so you won’t be confused due to your insightful delay!

So go ahead and click here to get your free calendar, before the world ends. And I’d get cracking on that bucket list while you’re at it (chuckle).

Have a great day – J. Daniel


 Just click on the calendar to get … uh … well … the free calendar – also, more choices available ;-)
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Also, there are other calendars to choose from … and we’ll be adding
more in the next few weeks, so you might want to check back from time to
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Woods To Live By

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