WoodChips Science

The PeoplePeople scientist divide the world into plants and animals, or as they say, the Flora and the Fauna, that which can’t move and that which can.  Tree science regards this as an artificial distinction.  Who’s to say trees don’t move, since the people scientist only live a short time by tree standards.  In fact, Trees do move, just very slowly.  So tree science combines these areas and calls all living creatures Flauna.  Of course, there are file-ums and subfile-ums under the unifying order of Flauna, such as the PeoplePeople, TreePeople, BirdPeople, etc.

However, one of the most unifying and satisfying concepts of Tree Science is that all of these subdivisions are equal.

This scientific principle is the foundation for many of the TreePeople’s Political BeLeafs as well.

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