#54-Ineptocracy-Just Say No; Also, Can Women Own Too Many Pairs Of Shoes?

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  • Can Women Own Too Many Pairs Of Shoes?

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Health Tip From An Astute WoodChips Reader
   … the WoodChips should come with a health hazard warning -  I laughed so hard I had to pee a little bit to relieve the pressure to keep from throwing my back out. — Shiona G.
My Response – Dear Shiona.  Thanks for the health warning alert and the useful back saving technique – perhaps our other readers will find it helpful.  For this great health tip, you are now awarded the Honorary WoodChip Award.  Keep them cards and letters coming … and  … ummm … go easy on your back, however you do that (chuckle) – J. Daniel
Ineptocracy – Just Say No

Here’s a new word for you that recently showed up on the internet -
Ineptocracy.  It was brought to my attention by astute WoodChips reader
Marty C.

Ineptocracy noun. (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a
system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the
least capable of producing, and where the members of society least
likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and
services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of

This word kind of confirms a nagging suspicion I’ve had that our
politicians are granting political favors to blocks of voters so they
can get re-elected.  Now that’s rather cynical of me, but I keep running
into these things that make me think we have the best government money
can buy.

Like alcohol, for instance.  Only the government could screw up such a wonderful product. You just aren’t going to believe this … click for more Alcohol and Ineptocracy

Can A Woman Really Own Too Many Pairs Of Shoes?
This cartoon was inspired by a Facebook post from Kim G.  Kim has now been made an Honorary WoodChip for her insightful question and inspiration.  You can see her name listed among other luminaries in our prestigious Honorary WoodChips list – click here at Honorary WoodChips.
Kim is also the Go To Guru of all things in Social Media.  So whether you are a professional looking to increase traffic to your site, or a FaceBook poster that wants to be better at it than all your friends (not that any of us are competitive or anything, heh, heh), you will want to visit her site at Kim’s Site – click here.


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The Ultimate Procrastinator
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Woods To Live By

“The Senate is now considering increasing government subsidies for corn growers to produce more ethanol. If we produce enough ethanol we can postpone our next invasion of a Middle Eastern country for two to three years.”

– Jay Leno

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