#73-NSA’s Great New Benefit For Americans (and the rest of the world)


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NSA’s Great New Benefit For Americans

I’ve got to say, things have just turned out swimmingly this week.  I mean, help comes from the strangest places — and when you least expect it.
For example, all week I have continued to struggle with the new MilliSoft (not the real company name) operating system called Broken Windows Panes 8 on my new laptop.  And I’ve been plagued by a persistent pop-up window from the SNorton anti-virus company (also not their real name) with dire threats about how I haven’t activated some kind of backup system that they insist I should have (for a fee) and if I don’t my security will be really, really, really threatened.
When all of a sudden, out of the blue, I see on the evening news that the federal government, through their helpful branch the NSA (and an ex-employee now polishing up his Mandarin Chinese), and also big-time into security, has been reviewing and copying all my emails.
I, of course, assume such a benevolent government is being overly modest and is no doubt looking through and copying all my files as well.
And there you have it.
Backup problem solved.
The NSA is now offering free backup for Americans.  And isn’t this just another perfect example of a new government program that helps us all.  But it gets better still.  Because they have been doing this as a joint venture with some big businesses.  And isn’t that just the thing – government and business helping each other.  It’s almost too much synergy for a mere mortal citizen to comprehend and appreciate.
Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out they are actually doing this for citizens in other countries around the world as well.  I suppose, technically, they probably classify this as foreign aid or something – but hey, that’s just government speak and no matter really.
Because here’s the great part.  You don’t even have to opt in for the free service.  They just take it on for you with no effort on your part.
So set you computer backup worries aside.  If you ever accidently wipe out your emails, or delete an important file, I bet you can just ask the NSA to download a copy for you.  Of course, you may have to fill out a form(s) or something.  But you’ll be back in business in no time.
Who’d a thunk it (big grin).
And have a backup, worry-free day – J. Daniel
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