WoodChips Character June Nipper

June Nipper playing her signature blues song Mangroves Leaf You and balancing her drink on the end of her Guitar

June Nipper playing Mangroves Leaf You

June Nipper
Of course, June Nipper’s one of the more notable WoodChips.Locally famous in her own right, her most requested blues song is Mangroves Leaf You. There isn’t a dry eye at the bar after this number. Even Capt’n Stumpy has a little sap showing in his eyes after this song. 

The most prominent thing about June is that she has two really big talents. For one, she has a great voice, and man, that girl can sing the blues from way down in her heartwood. And folks always wonder how she can sing, play the guitar and balance her drink all at the same time … that June’s got some big talents for sure.

Well, everybody likes June and she can be heard singing and playing and nippin’ down at the Bark an’ Barley Bar most every night. Unlike Mimosa (who she treats like a naive little twig sister), June is smart as a whip……but her and Mimosa have some common ground, and have been overheard to agree that a “hunky mangrove is good to find,” or something like that …

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