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Woody Had Too Many Options

I got the idea for this cartoon from Jim Zaccaria, a Facebook friend.  Jim always has interesting and clever posts. As I was developing the cartoon, I wanted Mimosa to say Woody was looking “out of sorts.”  I checked to make sure I was using the phrase correctly and ran into this great web site [...]


Blame It On The Mayans – March 26 and 26

An astute WoodChips reader recently pointed out (actually on March 26th, or was that the 27th as the 26th) that our free WoodChips calendars had two March 26th days in it.  The comment seemed to imply we had made a mistake. After much deliberation here at WoodChips Central we decided to follow the American Government [...]


CheeseHenge And The Early Britons

In all fairness, I must give credit to a British friend of mine, Gerald,  for the CheeseHenge and building materials concept, who in all fairness tells me he got the idea from someone else, I think famous and in Britain, a comedian named Eddie Izzard, who is quite funny – so anyhow, that’s the whole [...]