Blame It On The Mayans – March 26 and 26

Free 2012 Calendar - Mayan End Of The WorldAn astute WoodChips reader recently pointed out (actually on March 26th, or was that the 27th as the 26th) that our free WoodChips calendars had two March 26th days in it.  The comment seemed to imply we had made a mistake.

After much deliberation here at WoodChips Central we decided to follow the American Government / Many Large Corporation’s damage control models and…

  1. Spend all of our time trying to blame anyone but ourselves
  2. Spend none of our time actually fixing the process, and
  3. Eventually settle on the fact we could blame it on someone else – the Mayans, in this instance, since this is their big calendar year — Ummm … and this may all blow over on December 21st.

We were all feeling pretty smug about how we handled this PR opportunity (that’s government / corporate talk for when things are all really #$%$#$ up), but then our PR guy said that one of the really good damage control things is to admit to something, which defuses the situation.

So, we decided to admit that this is the third year in a row that WoodChip’s calendars have had “enhanced irregularities” in the dates – but would hasten to add that this is a feature, not a bug.

For example, if you are a banker and mortgage payments are due by March 26th, you have noticed a sudden and unexpected increase of your loan income last month as you got paid twice by mortgagees.  Clearly, this is a feature.

If you did not have this happen, may we suggest that there are no doubt numerous government bailout programs available to you to get this double mortgage income.

If you are a mortgage payer that this happened to, well, there are no current bailout programs for you, but feel free to check back after December 21st, the Mayan end of days.  Perhaps there will be more information then (heh, heh).

That tongue in cheek information passed on, we really hope March 26th followed by March 26th didn’t mess you up too bad.  And we’ll try to do better next year.  Maybe we will eliminate April 15th, income tax day, altogether.

Now there’s a thought.

Have a nice day, and day – J. Daniel


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