#64-Fat, Schmat, Cheeseburger; WoodChips Lite


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WoodChips Lite
This is our first edition of WoodChips Lite where we send you the most recent WoodChips cartoon in-between our regular editions.
We’ll keep sending the regular WoodChips editions from time to time because we know that most of you read them strictly for the highly intellectual articles and not just to look at the cartoons. 
But by adding the interim WoodChips Lite editions, we hope to increase your number of chuckles per month, which is a major goal here at WoodChips Central.
I hope you enjoy this new addition to the WoodChips publications.  And don’t forget to forward it to your friends.  They can sign up for their own free edition by clicking here.
As always, I love to hear your comments and opinions.  You can contact me directly at JDaniel@TheWoodChips.com.
Have a nice day – J. Daniel
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