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Congratulations!  Here are your free WoodChips Calendar(s) – Note that page may take a minute to load

Just SCROLL DOWN and click the calendar(s) you want to download/print (printing tips at bottom of page). full calendar not shown so cartoon displays larger.

Also note that you may print a number of calendars for yourself and your friends.  You may not sell them.  They are legally protected under United States and International copyright laws.  Webmasters of other sites: You may offer them to your readers for free IF you provide acknowledgment with a link to

I'm just living the dream at the office... but...

Meddle not in the affairs of Dragons...

Lady of Leisure

Help Boss, I have too much on my plate...Deep Bar-B-Que thoughts... My life has a superb cast, I just can't...When you're up to your A#@ in alligators...

Some people think Captn Stumpy is a bit overcompetitive

If you would just answer the question I asked you...Some people complain that roses have thorns, but I...Deep Bar-B-Que thoughts... I love to Bar-B-Que best when I should be...Some days the Dragon wins.

Printing Tips

The WoodChips calendars are delivered to you in a format that is common to most computers and their software called Portable Document Format (PDF).

If your printer is not printing the calendars centered on the page, it’s because it is trying to adjust to only print in the printable area of the page (many printers cannot print in the bottom half inch of the page).  You can override your printer by changing a setting in the print dialog box.

You do this by selecting File –> Print –> and then setting the Page Scaling Box to None (see screen shot below).  This should override your printer and cause the calendar to be centered on the page when it prints.

Here is the print option you want to set to scaling (None) to print calendars centered on the page.
Enjoy your free calendars.

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