#87-We Were SO POOR Politics; If Moses Had An iPad; Coffee Confusion; Tree Boone Salute; New WoodChips Book Available

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Comments welcome – JDaniel@TheWoodChips.com.


I was delighted to get a Twitter message from the office of Texas Oil Billionaire T. Boone Pickens requesting a signed, dated copy of the WoodChips cartoon pictured above.
In subsequent emails they explained that it would be displayed on an editorial wall in their Dallas, Texas Headquarters.  So of course I overnighted a signed 8×10 because T. Boone has been one of my favorite public figures for a number of years. 
T. Boone is an energy magnate and former Texas wildcatter who is just about the only voice of reason on energy policy in the United States, with an overall plan for natural gas development and usage, wind power, and yes, oil too.  And he outlined a plan some years back for converting big rig diesel trucks to natural gas, which burns much cleaner and saves money.Or as Boone says it, “A fool with a plan can beat a genius with no plan. America needs an energy plan. I’m committed to getting us one, and getting us off OPEC oil.”


And he’s having an impact.  Recently, on a flight back from Montreal, I sat next to the CEO of a large trucking firm in Orlando.  He knew T. Boone, and told me he has already converted 200 of his 600 truck fleet to natural gas.  So people are really starting to put their money where their mouth is.




I always watch any news shows when I see they are going to interview T. Boone.  Besides making a lot of sense, well, he’s a colorful Texan that shoots straight – something a bit rare with leaders in the news these days.




Anyhow, I think you’ll find T. Boone, his Pickens Plan and web site interesting. So if you would like to know more about him, just click here for the T. Boone Video and the Pickens Plan.




And my thanks to T. Boone and his office for the energy leadership they are providing, and the honor and recognition of the cartoon.


Now AVAILABLE on Amazon!

Enjoy more of the WoodChip’s antics as they keep on saving
our planet, one chuckle at a time. 

The WoodChips are spunky tree characters with names like
June Nipper, Woody, DeadWood, Mimosa, Maple and Elmer – to name a few – all
poking fun at things and helping us to “see the forest through the Trees.”


The book is chock full of over 60 of the BEST WoodChips cartoons!  Like…

  • Never Do Math In A Bar
  • Friends Don’t Let Other Friends Do Stupid Things… Alone
  • Coach KickAsh Is A Genius
  • And many more
And you get an introduction to ALL 18 of the WoodChips characters.  Hey, it’s a virtual Tour de Forest of WoodChipdom, with more characters like Capt’n Stumpy, Mr. BigTwig, Dr. TreeAge, Sir BranchALot, Van Bough, DogWood (he’s a WoofChip) and others.
Plus 7 humorous articles to boot — like Chicken Feathers Will Save The World, or If At First You Don’t Succeed, Skydiving Is Not For You (where the book title came from).
In all, over 140 pages of fun.  Just click here if you’d like a sneak look inside – If At First You Don’t Succeed…


And below is a preview of the introduction in the book.



Everything in this
book is true.


Well, except for the
parts where I kind of tugged and stretched the truth a bit.  Or any accidental resemblances to real people
or companies.  Or the parts I just made


Outside of that, it’s
all true.


By the way, I started
writing this book by accident.  You may
wonder how that’s possible, and I’ll tell you. It all began as a simple little ad (see next page) encouraging people to
sign up for the cool WoodChips Newsletter. And it just took off from there.


As in, REALLY took on
a life of its own.  The heavens parted
and angels sang as a mysterious, shining force began guiding my fingers across
the keyboard, and my pen across the cartoon drawing table.


Okay, well maybe not
the angels part (or the heavens part either). Now see there, this is one of those points I may have stretched a bit.


Anyhow, then I just
wrote the darn book and now you have it in your hands, so we’ve got all the
boring history stuff out of the way.


The book is full of
cartoons, and a bit about the characters as well.  I also included a few humorous articles since
most WoodChips viewers only read the newsletter for the “highly intellectual”
written content and not the pictures.


Or you can just look
at the pictures.  Anyhow, just have fun
with it; I certainly did.  And like they
say in the Doritos ad, “you keep eatin’ them, and we’ll make more.”


P.S. I didn’t mean
eating the book literally – that was a metaphor.  Reading the book will do just fine.  And chuckling here and there.


P.P.S. Was joshing
about the mysterious, shining force also.


P.P.P.S. If you really
like the book could you do me and the WoodChips a favor and write a nice review on Amazon?  Mimosa says she’ll give you a free drink down
at the Bark ‘n Barley Bar if you do.  And
if you don’t like the book, she says she’ll give you two free drinks to shut you
up and NOT write a review.

Okay – I think we’ve
got all the bases covered.  Onward Ho..
To check the book out, just click here – If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Comments welcome – JDaniel@TheWoodChips.com.


The FREE 2014 WoodChips Calendars are now available.  Currently there are ten to choose from.
Shown above is the second highest downloaded calendar in 2013.  I got the idea for the cartoon in a phone conversation one evening with enthusiastic WoodChipper Karen of Kansas City (also my sister).  Apparently, the overloaded work thing struck a resonant chord with many WoodChippers around the world.
Can you guess which cartoon / calendar hit the number one position?  The women WoodChippers will appreciate this.  That’s because women created it.  To get that interesting background story, Click here to view the most frequently downloaded WoodChips calendar for 2013.


Well, that’s pretty much it for now, so I hope you enjoyed this edition of The WoodChips.   
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