Pablo Espanol

Pablo sounds like he’s a Spanish WoodChip, but really he’s a Gringo with a Spanish name.  Pablo thinks he knows a lot about Spanish, but he really doesn’t.  Actually, Pablo thinks he knows a lot about everything, but he usually has it all wrong.

Like the night he was bragging to Anna Limba, the Mexican Limbo instructor, down at the Bark ‘n Barley.  He was telling her how good he is in bed, and trying to impress her by casually saying all this in Spanish.  Unfortunately, Pablo always gets the word caliente, meaning hot, confused with fria, which means cold.  So very proudly he announced to Anna that “Estoy muy fria en cama” which roughly translated meant “I’m very cold in bed.”

Anna almost choked on her drink, she laughed so hard.  This was not exactly the effect Pablo was going for, and he still doesn’t know what he said wrong.

He’s always puzzled when Anna addresses him as Senor Refrigerador.

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