Juan Motime (DanGrove)

Juan Motime is really a woodchip although his name doesn’t sound like it.  His true name is Dangrove (which is a tree name like mangrove).  But his nickname overpowered the whole thing as a younger sapling.  Juan spent plenty of time at the Bark an’ Barley Bar back then.  He really liked the taste of Barley pops and was frequently overheard to say to Mimosa, the bartendress, “one more time, please.” (he’s also very polite).

Juan’s addicted to the process of discovery, so when he started teaching himself Spanish and meeting other tree characters south of the border like Poco Loco and Pablo Espanol, the folks down at the Bark an’ Barley corrupted his “one more time” to Juan Motime.

Juan feels two heads are better than one and is equally comfortable with intellectual ideas and plain old BS, which is why he always seems to have his head in two places (we won’t go much further with that).

He tends to get kind of philosophical when he drinks and sometimes writes his thoughts on bar napkins.  He’s still trying to figure out what he meant when he wrote, “the synergistic effects of randomly generated chaos throughout the universe will ultimately overcome order … I think?”

Juan likes to have the best of all worlds when he isn’t busy confusing himself.

Have another barley pop, Juan.

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