WoodChips Character Woody

Woody is a little on the sleazy-treezy side, if you get my driftwood. He sells used cars and used insurance for a living and some of his deals are a little questionable. 

But there must be some good heartwood deep in that trunk of his because Mimosa is kinda sweet on him, although that may say more good about her than him.  Woody’s just lucky Mimosa worships the ground he keeps his roots in.

He wears paisley ties and has loud tweed polyester bark.  No one knows how this is possible but everyone agrees it matches him to a tree. And the Woodster mischievously calls the little paisley things on his ties fungameciums just to get a rise out of him.

Anyhow, Woody goes around whistling songs off-key just for fun, although he really has a nice voice and sings in the Barbershop TreeO. He’s an odd one, that WoodyTree.

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