#74-Not To Mention; WoodChips Appear In National Publication; Plus BONUS Cartoons


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WoodChips Appear In A National Publication
Recently we were pleased when a WoodChips cartoon was published in The Reason Report, a national publication.  Reason was doing a series of articles on the TSA and felt the cartoon fit the theme of the series.
For those of you that feel the country is going a bit out of control, or heck, totally off the rails (chuckle) and would like a more rational, thought-out, dare I say reasonable view of how things might be, you may want to check them out at their main site www.reason.org.
On the other hand, if you think things in the country are going along just swimmingly, well, no matter, just go back to your Reality TV show, Flintstones cartoons, or whatever your news source of choice is, and hey, grab another brew (chuckle).
Here’s the cartoon that was published…
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