If At First You Don’t Succeed – Get Your Smiles And Chuckles Here

Get Your Smiles and Chuckles Here… in the first ever WoodChips cartoon book – If At First You Don’t Succeed – And Other Misadventures.

If At First Your Don't Succeed - By J. Daniel Roberts - WoodChips Cartoon Book available at Amazon.com

Okay, a little secret confession here – the alternate title for the book is – If At First You Don’t Succeed – Skydiving Is Not For You J.

So now you get the drift – just more crazy humor and WoodChips antics as they keep on saving our planet one chuckle at a time.

The WoodChips are spunky little tree characters with names like June Nipper, Woody, DeadWood, Mimosa, Maple and Elmer – to name a few – all poking fun at things and helping us to “see the forest through the Trees.”

And this WoodChips cartoon book is chock full of the “best of the best” cartoons…over 60 of them, and a bit about the WoodChips characters, and also numerous humorous articles to make you chuckle and smile.

You will learn how chicken feathers will save the world, why to never do math in a bar, and much, much more to amaze your friends – who will think you’re so cool they will probably even loan you money!

Just click here for a free preview look inside the book.

The WoodChips are regularly viewed in over 150 countries around the world. Here is what people are saying about them…

This is fabtabulous!!! I loved it. Made me smile and smile and smile and… you get the idea. I going to send one to my daughter now. This is great. Thanks for making my day! Rena Schrein – CEO – Schrein & Associates, North Carolina

He has a clever theme and an environmentally timely one. Eleanor Ehrhardt (former editor at Random House).

WoodChips is so DAMN good. I can’t believe how you get the time or focus to do them. Bob Gerringer, Los Angeles

Dave Hyrnda emailed his friends and said, “PLEASE SUBSCRIBE (to the WoodChips Newsletter)…..IT”S FREE AND IS REALLY A GOOD, HUMOROUS NEWSLETTER!” – Jacksonville, Florida

I really like your “forest through the Trees view”; how you can take pretty serious stuff and fit it into the context of your cartoons – Kara Hanak, St. Louis

To see what they’re all excited about – just click here for a free preview.

So why not find out what the WoodChips book is all about?

The worst that can happen is you get a chuckle and a smile.  And how bad is that in a crazy world that mails us bills to pay and is filled with politicians spouting weasel-words.

Enough of that, you say.

I’m with you.

So go get you chuckles and smiles here — because you deserve a break today.


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