WoodChips Character Captn Stumpy

Captn Stumpy
The old Captain certainly is a seafarin’ kind of guy. And there’s rumors he got his money spending time in the trade (the pirating trade, that is). But no one quite has the gumption to ask him. He stumps down to the Bark n’ Barley bar most days when his old war wounds aren’t acting up. 

Capt’n Stumpy has a peg leg and uses a wooden crutch. He still sails his sailboat the Shiver Me Timbers and kinda disappears over the southern horizon every four to six weeks for a few days. Then he’s back at the Bark n’ Barley Bar likenothing happened.

Rumor is there’s a little Latin lady tree on the islands that he visits on occasion, but Stumpy kind of keeps to himself on this and everything else.

He likes his grog strong and plenty of it. He drinks rum as dark as bark and straight up. He doesn’t say much except “aarrgh,” which depending on the context means more grog (usually the case), hello (seldom the case), I agree, I disagree or I’m outa’ here. That is except once a year he gets pretty animated during Talk Like a Pirate week.

Stumpy’s bark is worse than his bite, and he has a soft spot in his heartwood for Mimosa. And some nights when June Nipper and ElWood are layin’ down some sweet woe some blues at the Bark’n Barley Bar, he seems to get a faraway look and some dampness in his eyes as he hobbles off into the night.

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