WoodChips Character Mimosa

Mimosa at the Bar 'n Barley Bar

Mimosa at the Bar 'n Barley Bar

Mimosa has big hair, big eyes and a big smile for everyone. She serves beverages down at the Bark n Barley Bar and always running around in a hot pink or lime green bikini. She owns fifteen of them. 

She’s not hard on the eyes, and all the guys are crazy about her. Mimosa’s not the sharpest chip in the pile, and is often seen scratching her head and backside trying to figure things out.  Except for patrons ordering barley pops, everyone has to tell her how to mix their drink, every time they order it.

And when she’s trying to remember how to mix her own drink, a Mimosa, they’ll give her really big hints like, “starts with champagne, ends with orange juice, with nothing else in the middle.  She usually guesses right the second or third time.

But everyone loves her for her kind words and perpetual happiness, thus showing that a “chipper” attitude can make up for a little shortfall in aptitude.


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