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Honor To Our Chinese WoodChips

This month the WoodChips site received more views from China and our Chinese WoodChips friends than any other non US  country in the world.  So in honor of them we made this cartoon – using a great Chinese Proverb.  The Chinese have always had so many of these condensed pieces of wisdom about life.  And [...]


The President Gives Stock Market Advice

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Woody and Mimosa at the Bark n Barley Bar and a newscaster announcing breaking news on the television. Newscaster: BREAKING NEWS…Today the stock market crashed hundreds of points!  Attempting to reassure the public, the President said, “Let me be clear, if I wasn’t President, I’d be buying stocks right now.” Mimosa: What [...]


Oakey Pokey’s Right To Bear Arms Confusion

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Woody meets Oakey Pokey at the Fork In The Road.  Oakey Pokey has a long gun over his shoulder and his sirt sleeves are torn off and laying in the road beside him. Woody: What happened to your shirt sleeves, Oakey Pokey? Oakey Pokey: I tore them off. Woody: Why did you [...]