Honor To Our Chinese WoodChips

This month the WoodChips site received more views from China and our Chinese WoodChips friends than any other non US  country in the world.  So in honor of them we made this cartoon – using a great Chinese Proverb.  The Chinese have always had so many of these condensed pieces of wisdom about life.  And we hope the proverb in Chinese of  不要侮辱鱷魚,直到你過了河 means “It is best to cross the river first before telling the crocodiles they have bad breath” or something to that effect.

If it means this and our Chinese friends are amused and honored, then we take full credit for the traditional writing.  If not, and it means something totally crazy like I have a carrot stuck in my ear, then we lay the blame entirely on Google Translate (chuckle).

However it works out, congratulations to our Chinese readers – we value your support and hope you pass our small token of appreciation on to your friends, who can sign up for their own free copy of our WoodChips cartoon newsletter, and very cool free WoodChips calendars at www.TheWoodChips.com/n.

P.S. Last month it was the WoodChips of France who took the prize.  This month the Chinese WoodChips took the prize from France, although France made another good showing..

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Captn Stumpy trying to cross a river with a lot of hungry crocodiles with jaws open and not happy with him.
Caption: Old Chinese Proverb: 不要侮辱鱷魚,直到你過了河
Captn Stumpy: Aarrgghh… Is best to cross the river before telling the crocodiles they have bad breath.

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