Dogwood and PussyWillow

Dogwood is Chip’s pet and they’re pretty tight.  Him and Chip play Rescue the Stick for hours on end.  This is a game where Chip throws a stick and Dogwood goes after it.

It’s Chips responsibility to feed and walk Dogwood every day.  Chip has to mix up a bowl of DogWood fertilizer and also water Dogwood.  More importantly, when he’s walking Dogwood, he has to keep him from doing something really rude to the other trees.

Now PussyWillow isn’t nearly as energetic as DogWood.  In fact, if P.W. doesn’t get at least twenty hours of sleep a day she’s crabby.  There are times she’s so lazy and motionless, Cherry has to go over to see if she’s still breathing.

Of course she is, just way, way relaxed.

Until it’s crazy cat time, of course, which always occurs about two in the morning when everyone in the family is asleep.  Then for no apparent reason, P.W. goes tearing through the house like she just realized she’s late for a meeting or something.

Just about the time she has everyone wide awake, she’s had enough exercise for the evening and goes back to her corner to resume her twenty hours of sleep.

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