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Mayan Calendar Math – Beware

Cartoon dialog for our visually challenged friends: Two ancient Mayans, with their bodacious headgear made of a gold crown with a big bird on it, are standing in front of one of the huge Mayan pyramids.  The steps leading down from the pyramid are numbers by years, ending with 2010, 2011 and finally, the last [...]


Mayan End Of World Calendar – December 21 – OOOPS!

Hey, I just wanted to get you prepared for the next end of world thing coming up. It’s actually hard to keep track of all these end of worlds these days.  I’m not even sure what the proper grammar is for end of worlds, what with there’s only really supposed to be one of them. [...]


Fiscal Cliff

Cartoon Dialog: Conversation in the White House on the edge of a Fiscal Cliff. We’re out of money, O’Bark. What are we going to do to keep “going forward?” Tax the rich. OK Boss – we taxed the rich and spent all the money.  Now we’re out of money again and the people will be [...]