Mayan End Of World Calendar – December 21 – OOOPS!

Mayan End of World Calendar - December 21 - OOOPS!

Hey, I just wanted to get you prepared for the next end of world thing coming up.

It’s actually hard to keep track of all these end of worlds these days.  I’m not even sure what the proper grammar is for end of worlds, what with there’s only really supposed to be one of them.

It’s like how all the astrophysicists keep confusing me these days, what with talking about multiple universes.  What!!!  I thought the universe was supposed to be everything.  How can you be having multiples of everything.

Well anyway, we survived the last end of the world a couple of years ago.  You’ll recall that was when some whack-a-doodle Florida guy apparently got his date math all wrong.  We really seem to have problems with math down here in Florida.  I mean, bad end of the world date math, can’t seem to count presidential elections right kind of math – ya know – basic stuff.

But whatever, just in case this is the BIG ONE, we prepared an accurate Mayan End of the World calendar for you.  You’ll note that days after December 21st are greyed out, what with there won’t be any world after that.

So at least you’ll go into this thing with a proper calendar.

Hey, who’s lookin’ out for ya, huh.

See you on the other side – I hope (chuckle) – J. Daniel


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