Creationism And WoodChips BeLeafs

Mangroves create islands by trapping sand and dirt in their roots, then dropping root seeds further out.  These seeds grow into trees, and eventually repeat the process.  The islands grow bigger and bigger.

Some trees beleaf the Great Mangrove created all the islands of the world, and that the first lady mangrove was created with a cutting from the first mangrove.  These trees are called creationist, a meaning somewhat different from the PeoplePeople’s view and much less hotly debated.

Again, this stems from the Trees tolerance of all views, an idea the PeoplePeople could certainly learn from.

The trees are well educated and keep a balanced view toward life through science, logic and the inner knowledge of their heartwood.  Most trees beleaf the world is round, although a small but noisy group in Kansas insists it’s flat.  Many are pushing politically to require the Flat Earth Theory to be taught in school along side the Round Earth Theory.

Given that a round earth is counter intuitive in Kansas, the trees show tolerance toward this belief as well.  And regardless of it, they hold the state of Kansas in high regard because the Kansas people nurture and grow an enormous population of their little fourth cousins, ten times removed.  In the people world, these little trees are know as wheat.

But let’s leave these controversial subjects for now and and meet some of the more colorful WoodChips, starting with a little oriental guy named Bonsai.

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