#84-Happy St. Patty’s Day With A Screwdriver And A Bus


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Comments welcome – JDaniel@TheWoodChips.com.
The FREE 2014 WoodChips Calendars are now available.  Currently there are ten to choose from.
Shown above is the second highest downloaded calendar in 2013.  I got the idea for the cartoon in a phone conversation one evening with enthusiastic WoodChipper Karen of Kansas City (also my sister).  Apparently, the overloaded work thing struck a resonant chord with many WoodChippers around the world.
Can you guess which cartoon / calendar hit the number one position?  The women WoodChippers will appreciate this.  That’s because women created it.  To get that interesting background story, Click here to view the most frequently downloaded WoodChips calendar for 2013.


Happy St. Patty’s Day to you from all of the WoodChips!  Have a great time and always rEMbER tO dRInK rESPOnSibLy.  So if you need to, learn how to drive a bus before you take one…
I hope you enjoyed this edition of The WoodChips.   
And don’t forget, you can’t believe everything you see on the “internets.”  Except the WoodChips stuff, of course.
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