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New Rule For Washington-That Will Fix Their @#$!

It seems that all Washington politicians want to do is spend our money to get re-elected.  That’s it – money and re-election.  So if they want to get re-elected so bad, let’s make a new rule. The new rule is a law that says “anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, [...]


Please Stop Flying Your Private Jets

For all you readers out there that have been flying around in your private jets, please stop at once. We are being advised from the highest political levels that you are destroying our economy — please see our press photo above of a recent presidential speech from HealthcAir Force One (Air Force One) concerning extravagant [...]


Debt Crisis, Dunkin Donuts and Football

WoodChips football expert J. Schmidbauer advises me that the football season is upon us and thank God for that.  I think you’ll all agree after the past couple of months we could use a break. It has been positively stressful lately.  We’ve  faced numerous simutaneous crises such as  1) a football strike, 2) inability to invest [...]