Please Stop Flying Your Private Jets

Presidential WoodChip lecturing on the evils of private jets.
For all you readers out there that have been flying around in your private jets, please stop at once.

We are being advised from the highest political levels that you are destroying our economy — please see our press photo above of a recent presidential speech from HealthcAir Force One (Air Force One) concerning extravagant spending executives who fly around in private jets.

I personally don’t own a private jet, but if I did, I’d quit using the #*%!  thing.  Just look at what all that jet flying did to the stock market last week.  Geez, down 600 points, then up 400, back down 500 or so, on and on.  It’s too much for a body to take.

We normally don’t comment on politics too often (chuckle) but WoodChips Central felt it would be irresponsible if we didn’t post this public announcement.

So just stop flying those private jets so we can get this economy and the stock market turned around and everything will be just fine.

Thanks, and have a nice day – J. Daniel

P.S.  Additional benefit — I gather that stopping all that extravagant private jet flying will cause the national debt to just disappear or something.

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