WoodChips Character Van Bough

Van Bough - WoodChips Artist Extrodinaire

Van Bough
Here’s WoodChip’s artist extrordinaire — Van Bough. Van Bough just loves to draw and paint, which he’s pretty good at, although sloppy when he does it. He’s always spilling his paint all over the ground.

He’s also often confused by art critic hacks who write about his paintings. For example, one recently wrote that he was “Illustrating the term ‘objectivism’ to denote a mythopoetical reality. Thus, the subject was interpolated into a dialectic paradigm of discourse that includes narrativity as a paradox.”

Van Bough doesn’t know what all that means. He was just painting a tree, really. All we can say is don’t worry about it, Van Bough. And welcome to the WoodChips Forest. We are quite partial to trees ;-) .

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