Elmer and Maple EveryGreen

Now lets turn to the basic, down to earth trees in the forest.  In this vein, you just can’t go wrong talking about the  EveryGreen family when it comes to down to earth (literally) normal trees.

Elmer and Maple are typical of the basic tree family in the forest.  While they may not be the most interesting of the lot, their kind really keep the forest going.  Elmer and Maple met in Tall School (similar to our High School) and eventually wound up getting married.  Elmer is a supervisor down at the Oxygen Plant and Maple is a House Tree.

Elmer and Maple don’t get down to the Bark n’ Barley  often, having their limbs full raising a couple of energetic little saplings.  But that’s not to say they don’t like fun, and every once in a while they get a tree sitter, and slide out for an evening on the town.

After dinner at the Shady Inn, they usually wind up across the road taking in libations and talk at the Bark n’ Barley with their old Tall School friends and some of the more interesting characters at the bar.

Their marriage has been good.  It’s been productive as well and they have two saplings, Chip and Cherry, a dog named Dogwood, and a cat named PussyWillow, or P.W. for short.

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