#66-Airport Security And The WoodChips; Why Do We Have To Pay Taxes Anyway?


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WoodChips And Airport Security
I was flying back to Orlando on Friday after being stranded in St.
Louis due to the winter storm that hit Thursday — which had caused my
flight to be canceled.  Lucky for me, I was able to reserve the last
available seat on the flight.

You may imagine that the airport was a madhouse — and you would be correct in that thought.

I was going through the TSA security, a nice, attractive couple was in
front of me.  Then, big surprise, for some reason, the woman was pulled
aside by the TSA for a thorough search.

Honest to God, I would have
never thought her a terrorist, but then I’m just a low life American
tax-paying citizen layman when it comes to airport security, so what do I
know, really.

As she was being spread eagled and electronically
wanded and searched and patted down, I was reassembling all my things,
putting my shoes and belt back on, making sure I still had both of my
laptops, my iphone, my billfold, my money, my suitcase, my briefcase, my
overcoat, my suit coat, my driver’s license, my boarding pass, my
sanity and anything else I had disassembled into ten plastic tubs to get
through the checkpoint.

As she was cleared, I overheard her
husband nearby say, “wasn’t that a wonderful massage, dear.”  My madcap
sense of humor kicked into high gear and I looked at her and said, “Do
you have a great sense of humor?”

She said yes, so I pulled this
WoodChips card out of my pocket (pictured above) and gave it to her and said, “You might
like this – because you have just been through it.”

She smiled and
took the card and I moved on out of the security area and started
walking toward my gate, thinking, gee, I hope her and her husband don’t
take offense.  A couple of minutes later, as this thought was starting
to pass out of my mind, her husband … hmmm … a rather large guy,
approached me… click here to find out what happened.


In any event, I’m still alive (chuckle) after the airport experience, so that’s my story and I’m stick’n’ too it.  I hope you enjoyed today’s newsletter.  And don’t forget to forward it to your friends.  They can sign up for their own free edition by clicking here.
As always, I love to hear your comments and opinions.  You can contact me directly at JDaniel@TheWoodChips.com.
Have a nice day – J. Daniel
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