The Presidential Debates – Key Question

Finally, a big issue for the Presidential debates.

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Elmer watching Presidential debate moderator announcing key debate question for the night. Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t Worry About What People Think

Don't worry about what people think... be BOLD.

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Captn Stumpy is on the beach with his pirate ship anchored out on Read the rest of this entry »

The Job Interview Advice

Good job interview advice.

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Maple and Fern are at the office.  Fern looks worried as she is Read the rest of this entry »

No More Lumps Of Coal For Christmas

No lumps of coal allowed this Christmas.

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Maple is watching Elmer stuff a solar panel in a stocking.  It’s so big it is Read the rest of this entry »

I Am NOT Procrastinating

I am not procrastinating.

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: A lazy WoodChip is sleeping outside his house that needs a lot of Read the rest of this entry »

Captn Stumpy Kinda Grumpy

Captn Stumpy is kinda grumpy in the morning.Cartoon Dialog: Setting:  It’s morning and Captn Stumpy is in the Read the rest of this entry »

You Go, Gril!

Bar-B-Que Meistress - You Go, Gril!Cartoon Dialog: Setting:  WoodChip gal is barbecuing, frothy beer in one hand and spatula in other, flipping a Read the rest of this entry »

The Turkey Net Observation

Get your Thanksgiving Bummerball turkey here.Cartoon Dialog:  Setting: Woody and Mimosa are in a grocery store picking out a frozen Thanksgiving turkey.  The turkeys are Read the rest of this entry »

The Great Turkey RIF (Reduction In Force)

There's a big Turkey Reduction In Force (RIF) coming very soon.

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Office workers in cubes – talking. Read the rest of this entry »

Useless Thanksgiving Poetry???

Is this Thanksgiving poetry assignment really useless? Rudyard Kipling might not think so.Hmmm… I’m thinking poetry may not be as useless as our young birds think.  The cartoon refers to Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem entitled If.  It’s an encouraging poem for those facing adversity, and quite inspirational.  Here’s the entire poem… Read the rest of this entry »