Just Exactly What Is A STRATEGY, Joe?

President Obama seems a bit confused about what a strategy is...

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: The White House.  President Obama and Vice President Joe are talking.
President Obama: Just exactly what is a STRATEGY, Joe?  Is it a fund raising technique… or maybe a new way to use my teleprompter… or what???
Vice President Joe: Hmmm… not sure where to begin with this one, Chief…

TRIBUTE TO FRANCE! J’aime le barbecue le plus …

This month, WoodChips subscribers in France viewed the WoodChips site more than any other non-US country.  So in a tribute to them, we created this cartoon in French.

And it seems to be a nice French sentiment, and one of mine as well.  Now, you have to be careful with translations, I mean, this may mistakenly say something like “Dan stuck a carrot in his ear,” so read with a grain of salt.

Click here for the English translation... or what I think it says (chuckle).

J'aime le barbecue le plus ...

That’s Why The Boss Makes The Big Bucks!

That's why the Mr. BigTwig the boss makes the big bucks.

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Maple has just entered Mr. BigTwigs office.  Behind his desk, Mr. BigTwig has a poster on the wall that says, TEAMWORK – A bunch of people doing what I say.
Maple: So what do you want to do boss?
Mr. BigTwig: Well, there a re a couple of things… so let’s start with one and then finish up with the other.
Maple: Wow, that’s why you get paid the big bucks.

You Know You Are Drunk When…

You know you are drunk when... W. C. Tree explains to Woody how you know you are drunk.

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Woody and W. C. Tree are having brews down at the Bark n Barley Bar.
W. C. Tree: Drunk is when you feel SOFISSCATED… but can’t pronounce it.
Woody: Good to know, W. C.

Surprising Federal Reserve Announcement – Go Figure

A puzzling announcement from the Federal Reserve - go figure.

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Elmer is watching the news on TV;  He almost spills his brew with the surprising announcement from the chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Announcer: Breaking news… in testimony before Congress, the Federal Reserve Chairman just stated that… “There is NO INFLATION, although prices inexplicably continue to rise.”

Woody Was Going To Write A Book

Woody was going to write a book.

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Woody is at the Bark n Barley Bar talking with bartendress Mimosa.
Mimosa: Why are you so down, Woody?
Woody: I was going to write a book and be famous.
Mimosa: So what happened?
Woody: I went to the library and saw that they already have plenty of books.

It’s More Fun To Be A Pirate…

It's More Fun To Be A Pirate
Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Capt’n Stumpy standing on a beach while his sailboat the Shiver Me Timbers is anchored off shore flying a pirates skull and crossbones flag.
Capt’n Stumpy: It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the Navy.

How Does It Know?

Cherry is puzzled about thermos bottles.

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Cherry is writing in her daily log and journal.
Cherry (thinking and writing): Hmmm… so today at scholl my teacher asked what was the greatest invention and I said the THERMOS BOTTLE.
Cherry (thinking and writing more): It keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold.
Cherry: How does it know?

Oakey Pokey’s Bag Full Of Chickens

How many chickens does Oakey Pokey have in that bag?
Cartoon Dialog:  Setting.  Woody meets Oakey Pokey at a fork in the road.  Oakey is carrying a bag.
Woody: What’s in the bag, Oakey Pokey?
Oakey Pokey: Chickens
Woody: So if I guess how many chickens will you give me one?
Oakey Pokey: Shucks, Woody, if you can guess how many chickens, I’ll give you both of them.

Coffee Cream Confusion

Some confusion at the Bark n Barley Bar when Woody asks Mimosa for coffee without cream.
artoon Dialog: Setting: Woody just finished a brew at the Bark n Barley Bar and thinks he needs some coffee.
Woody: Hey Mimosa, I’ll have a coffee without cream.
Mimosa: Sorry, we’re out of cream.
Mimsa (thinking): Hmm… but we do have milk.
Mimosa: How about a coffee without milk?