Elmer Watched The Presidential Debates

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Elmer is watching the Presidential debates on television.  He is startled by one of the candidates claims and spills his beer.
Caption: Elmer watched the Presidential debates.
Candidate: I was born in a humble log cabin… that I built by myself with my own two hands…
Bottom Caption: He concluded a visit to factcheck.org might be in order.

The Donald Trump Presidential Jet Dreamliner

Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Pictured is Air Force One on the ground with an American flag painted on the side.  Also painted on the side in big lettering is TRUMP – HAIR FORCE ONE underneath an image of Donald Trump’s famous comb-over hair.

When Is The 4th Of July?

Is it the 4th of July or Independence Day?
Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Cherry is writing in her daily log journal.  There is a picture of a firecracker in her log:  Chip is watching and there are fireworks exploding in the sky.
Cherry: Today is Independence Day.
Chip: I thought it was the 4th of July.
Cherry: I think every Leap Year it’s both holidays.

Where Was The Declaration Of Independence Signed?

Confusion over where the Declaration of Independence was signed.
Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Maple is teaching a bunch of young students at the Woodchips ElemenTree school.  She is pointing to a drawing of Independence Hall on the blackboard.
Maple (the teacher): Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?
Cherry (young girl student with hand raised): At the bottom, Ma’am.

Does England Have A 4th Of July

4th of July trick question.Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Maple is teaching little WoodChips students at the WoodChips ElemTree school.
Maple: Trick question.  Does England have a 4th of July?
Cherry (little girl WoodChip with hand raised): Yes, Ma’am… That’s how they get from the 3rd to the 5th.

The New 4th Of July Fireworks Stand

The NEW 4th of July fireworks.Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Maple and Elmer are at the fireworks stand shopping for fireworks.  There are Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t Ask Dad For A Drink Of Water

Elmer uses son Chip as a water dowsing rod to find water.
Cartoon Dialog: Setting:  Elmer is using son Chip as a water dowsing rod to find water.  His sister Cherry is watching this – puzzled.
Chip (being shaken around like a dowsing rod): That’s the last time I ask Dad for a drink of water.

Politicians and Mathematicians Use Imaginary Numbers

Ummm.  No offense to Mathematicians :-) .

Politicians and Mathmaticians use Imaginary Numbers T-Shirt.
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When You’re Up To Your Alligators

Maple is overwhelmed in the swamp with lots of alligators trying to remember what she was going to doCartoon Dialog: Setting: Maple standing in a stream, arms up raised, looking overwhelmed.  There are hungry alligators Read the rest of this entry »

Cherry Writes About The Stone Age

Cherry writes a convoluted world history story in her journal, and finally gets to the write answer.Cartoon Dialog: Setting: Cherry writing in her log about the Stone Age. Read the rest of this entry »