Five Hundred Dollar Silver And Trees Saving Up For Winter

One of the nice things about this time of year is the great display put on by the trees as they change the color of their leaves.

But why do they do this?  Have you ever wondered?

The trees are getting ready to survive winter.  They are sealing off their leaves, small twigs and sticks to keep frost damage from harming the rest of the tree.  And they are storing up sugars they will need in the winter.

Speaking of trees, twigs and sticks, one of the ideas you may like in the post is how to “stick it” to some of the “too big to fail” financial institutions who may be manipulating the markets – but more on that in a moment.

So the trees are planning for the future, adding to their savings and investment accounts by storing sugars, so they can draw on these during scarce times.

Of course I don’t think they are doing this deliberately, but we can learn a lesson from this, and WE CAN take deliberate action.

We all face financial winters as the economy expands and contracts – and, as some would say, the markets are manipulated by some of the “too big to fail” financial institutions in our country — to our detriment.

Here’s a fun idea you can use to …

1)      Save a little for winter like the trees.

2)      Make a small but good investment in a physically beautiful commodity.

3)      Possibly get even with some of the  “too big to fail” financial institutions.

What’s not to like about that?

So what’s the big idea?  It’s this.  Go to your coin dealer and buy a one ounce  .999 pure silver round coin.

I’ve been doing this for some time.  Tell the dealer you want to “buy a one ounce silver round with no numismatic value.”  The dealer will know what you mean.  Numismatic value is due to the rarity of a coin.  You don’t want to pay for this – just the pure silver.

How does this help, you might ask.

It helps YOU because over time silver will probably continue to go up in price. Some analyst think it will go to $500 an ounce, although I think that’s excessive — more like $50 maybe.

More and more people are turning to silver as an alternate store of value because our government is constantly depreciating the value of the dollar to pay off huge debts.  Your dollar savings will dwindle in value.  Your silver savings will probably increase in value.

And it has been rumored for some time that some of the “too big to fail” financial institutions (possibly J. P. Morgan among others) have been manipulating the market by taking huge short positions in silver.  That means they have been selling silver they don’t own.

If everyone in the country would buy just one silver bullion coin, that would put enormous pressure on them and they would have to “cover their shorts.”  They would realize, painfully, that they cannot continue to do this – that the game is up.

So if you would like to store up for winter like the trees, make a possibly good investment and stick it to the market manipulators, go out and buy a one ounce silver round this weekend.  It will cost about $28, and is beautiful and fun to own.

What’s could be better than that.

Have a great day – and always look for the silver lining – J. Daniel

P.S. The silver market is very volatile so prices can swing up and down, but long term, the indications are good for silver.  Silver has gone up 200% in the past year or so.

P.P.S. I’m not an actively liscensed financial advisor currently, so do this purchase at your own discretion.  There is a risk of loss with silver.  You know I had to say that – right.

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