So Would You Like To Write Your Own Blog

Many people, millions in fact, write blogs today.  So have you ever wanted to write one of your own?

Here’s a couple of helpful tips for you. 

First, you can do this for free.   There are many free blog programs out there.  I’ve tried most of them and I can save you some time by telling you what I consider to be the best for beginning (and professional) blggers.

Overall, the best blogging program is WordPress.  WordPress is used by more bloggers than any other blogging software i n the world.  This site (The WoodChips) is actually created in WordPress, so you can see how far you can actually take the concept.

WordPress has two versions.  They are the internet version (the easiest) and the self-hosted version (more complex with more features).  If you want to start out, I’d recommend the WordPress internet version.  They take care of all the hosting for you and all you do is write and post your blogs.

You could literally have a blog posting out on the internet in thirty minutes to an hour from now by starting out this way.

The other advantage of this approach is if you really get into it, and want to move up to the more complex version, they have a conversion program that helps you make the change.  That way, all of your earlier work can be preserved.

So if you’ve got the blogging itch, and it’s something you’ve wanted to try out for some time, check out WordPress.  I think you’ll like it.

Go here and choose the Geting a free account on option on the page.  You’ll be up and running in no time.

Have a nice day – and good luck with your blog – J. Daniel

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