Missing Chips? Blame Stock Market For Beginners

Cover of my new book Stock Market For Beginners by John Roberts.You may have noticed a slowdown in the number of WoodChips newsletters the past two months.  I typically shoot for publishing the newsletter two to four times a month.  Lately it’s been more toward the two times a month publication frequency.

This is because I’ve been busy writing my latest book Stock Investing For Beginners.  I have a long history of investing, starting with trading silver futures in the late 70′s.  Some of you may also be unaware that I was a Financial Consultant and liscensed stockbroker with the New York Stock Exchange in my past.  I had a nice office in beautiful downtown Coral Gables, Florida for a while.

The book is oriented toward beginning stock investors who essentially know nothing, but have that nagging feeling they should know more and be doing something about investing.  I carefully explain just the essential basics, and I always explain each one starting with something you already understand.

It just chaps my backside to see introductory material that immediately starts off with complicated terms no one understands.  I have a real thing about that — which works to your advantage.

So here’s how I do it when explaining the New York Stock Exchange.  I begin this way …

The New York Stock Exchange is just an auction.

You know, like an auction where there’s a guy talking real fast to sell dearly departed Aunt Mable’s rocking chair to a bunch of people.

And different people keep bidding a higher and higher price until someone discovers they bid the highest price and now they own the rocking chair.

That’s all the New York Stock Exchange is, really.

An auction.

See what I mean?  You may not be an expert on the stock exchange after reading this, but you at least have a clue what we are talking about.

For all the simplicity of the explanations, the book gives you serious steps on how to get started and how to increase your odds of success.  It describes the simple method I use for personal investment, so even if you are an intermediate level investor this method could be of value to you.

I describe in one of the chapters how I invested $10,000 that turned into $28,000 in 18 months — and is still paying me a 20% dividend today. I invested in a little known asset class that trades just like stocks, and trades just as easy.  Also, you don’t need $10,000 to start these types of investments.  You can invest for less than $100.   It’s one of my favorite types of investments.

If this interests you, and you think you might be interested in buying the book in the future (no obligation, of course), just shoot me an email with “invest” in the subject line at jdaniel@TheWoodChips.com and I’ll put you on the list to receive a sample chapter describing this investment type.

Please note that the book is for education purposes only.  I’m required to say I’m not offering investment advice since I am no longer a licensed broker or affiliated with a broker-dealer.

The 125 page book is completely written after two months of work and I’m just going through the final revision stages which will be complete in the Fall.  It will be offered at our companion site LiveLearnAndProsper (under construction) as an instant e-book download and contain a number of stock trading secrets.

Okay, so all that said, back to the WoodChips.

Wishing you a great day.

P.S. You will notice my nom de plume as John Roberts for the book.  I use John for my more formal writing.  I have the problem of going by my middle name so I invented a term for this called supermedialturbationomacism (pronounced super-medial-turbatio-nomacism).  Google now recognizes the term.   To see the original humorous post when I created the word, click Do You Suffer From Supermedialturbationomacism?


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