Do You Suffer From Supermedialturbationomacism?

There were lots of great reader comments this week. 

I was greatly amused by Sean’s comment when he said, “JD, DJ, John, Dan, Whoever you are today and regardless of what you are obviously running from, I think this is a great site. 

Sean is clearly on to my name game.

Which leads to our big word of the week – supermedialturbationomacism (pronounced super-medial-turbatio-nomacism) which roughly translated means big (super) middle (medial) confusion (turbatio) with your name (nomacism) — or big confusion over your middle name.
I mention this in my About page on the web site – that my first name is John, but I go by my middle name Dan.  This can be a big problem because all the forms I fill out ask for my first name, and many don’t ask for my middle name – so I either put my middle name in the first name (which is wrong) or remain nameless (which is wrong).  Outside of that, it’s pretty much a win-win situation.
This is particularly worrisome on government forms today because if I fill their form out incorrectly they will suspect I’m a terrorist and then, when they interview me and hear I’m a grown man who draws cartoons about trees — well, it’s game over folks (chuckle).
So I’m always using different combination and singular names, trying to accomadate this situation (also highly suspect) like J. Daniel, JD, DJ, Dan, John … anyhow, you get the picture.
I thought I was the only one suffering from supermedialturbationomacism, but talking to a business associate named Tracy the other day, she told me she had a related problem — that for the longest time as a child she thought her name was Hey You!
I felt a little better after that.
One final point — if you’re thinking about looking up supermedialturbationomacism in the dictionary … ummm … don’t do that … because sometimes I just make stuff up.
But it is a cool word, isn’t it :-)
That little fact aside (rather quickly), if you suffer from supermedialturbationomacism, I’d love to hear about it.  You can write your comments here by clicking on this web post title and entering them in the comments box that appears below.  And no need to agonize for a long time on how you sign it — I understand.
So whoever you are, have a great day – J. Daniel, or Dan, or John or whatever …
P.S. Now here’s the fun part.  It is VERY POSSIBLE that the Google Robots will pick up on this new word and catalog it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we can’t key it into Google in a few days or week and it pops up – with a link to the WoodChips.  Fun, isn’t it.  We’ve just put a new search term in Google, and created a new word.  I’ll keep you posted, and in a few days you can also google supermedialturbationomacism and see what happens ;-) .

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