Attorneys Weigh In On Groundhog Day Wars Post



We’ve received thousands of reader comments in the past few months here at the WoodChips.  Some are quite good, and some are … hmmm … somewhat suspect.

You see, some unscrupulous website authors will post a generic comment in hopes we will approve it in our Readers Comments section.  If I were to do so, then they get what is known as a link back to their site.  Sites that have a lot of link backs are rated higher by Google, which generates more traffic to their site.

These disingenuous comments are known as SPAM, and take up a webmaster’s (me) time just to edit and get rid of them.

Here’s an interesting one from some attorneys in New York.  I’ll not be more specific about who they are so they won’t sue me (chuckle).

They commented on my recent post about how Groundhog Day almost started the second Civil War and caused Orlando to threaten to secede from the Union.  Here’s what they said about that post with my comments.  See if you think they were genuine about this or just doing shameless self promotion.

“Bunches of strong, difficult to acquire information here.”  Yes guys, this was difficult to acquire information because I just made the whole thing up.  Seriously, do you think Groundhog Day really came close to starting the second Civil War here in Orlando?  Clearly you have a calling, i.e. the next axe murderer that needs a defense lawyer should see you.  Honestly, he should.  Because clearly you’re going to believe him when he says he’s innocent.  Your belief in him (naiveté) will help you mount a strong defense.

“Retrieved this blog entry by performing a search on AOL Search.”  Interesting.  Just curious here, what were you searching for.  Was it Groundhog Day Causes Civil War?  Was it Orlando Secedes From The Union?  What was it?  Better yet, what would cause you to have such a crazy thought, much less search for it?

“You’re truly causing me amend my view about this stuff and seldom does that happen to me… Thanks!”  Great to know I write so persuasively you have changed your point of view on this subject.  I take that as a high compliment since you are professional attorneys, skilled in the art of picking arguments apart.  Here’s a clue for you as you read future posts.  I categorize my posts.  This one fell under the category of BullChip.  Think that one over and you’ll get my drift.

Okay, so now you have the full attorney’s comment and my response in front of you.  So do you think they were sincere, or just trying to use the comment to drum up business?

Actually, I guess it worked, because the next axe murderer I run into, I’m going to point their way.

I rest my case.

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