Woody’s Autobiography

Woody is down at the Bark 'n Barley Bar, telling Mimosa he's thinking about writing his autobiography.
Sometimes I go back and change a cartoon.  And this one is a good example.

The first cartoon had Woody asking Mimosa if she had thought about writing an autobiography, and the punch line was her asking, “about what?”  Click here for original Autobiography cartoon.

That works – Mimosa is not the sharpest chip in the forest, although she’s smart in her own way, but the joke is on her, i.e. not knowing what an autobiography is.

But the whole thing is a bit out of character.  Mimosa is all heartwood and no ego, so the idea she would write an autobiography is just not in character.

Woody, on the other hand, has more ego than any five trees in the forest.  So it’s much more in character for him to be saying (bragging) that he is going to write HIS autobiography.  And the scene is more believable too.  Let’s see … guy in a bar, had a few barley pops, talking to a pretty gal behind the bar, and … ummm … kind of feeling a little braggadocio coming on.  I mean, not that ANY of us have ever acted this way … I’m just sayin’.

And when Mimosa asks, “about what,”  is she really all that dumb … or is she having him on?  And she might be poking fun at him, like, what have you ever done, Mister — that’s worth an autobiography?  That Mimosa, she has her ways … and may be a whole lot smarter than folks give her credit for.  Not to mention, of course, that she’s heard it all.

So what do you think?  Is this better than the first cartoon?  Are you voting for Mimosa spoofing Woody about his autobiography?

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And have a nice day – J. Daniel


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