WoodChips Appear In A National Publication

The WoodChips were published in The Reason Report, a national publication of the Libertarian Party

Recently we were pleased when a WoodChips cartoon was published in The Reason Report, a national publication.  Reason was doing a series of articles on the TSA and felt the cartoon fit the theme of the series.

You remember the TSA, yes… those friendly folks at the airport that do a free frisk and scan for you :-) .

For those of you that feel the country is going a bit out of control, or heck, totally off the rails (chuckle) and would like to try a more rational, thought-out, dare I say reasonable view of news and opinion, you might want to check them out at their main site www.reason.org.

On the other hand, if you think things in the country are going along just swimmingly, well, no matter, just go back to your Reality TV show, Flintstones cartoons, or whatever your news source of choice is, and hey, grab another brew (chuckle).

And have a nice day – J. Daniel


Setting:  WoodChips standing in the TSA line at the airport – a scan and frisk station are ahead of them.

WoodChip Gal – to WoodChip Guy (Woody) in line: So where are you traveling to?

Woody: Oh, nowhere… I just got in line for the free SCAN and FRISK exam.

WoodChip Gal: Good idea.

Woody: Yeah – it’s the new American Health Care System.

WoodChip Gal: Europe has nothing on us!

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