What’s Your Sign?

Mimosa is asking Woody what his astrology sign is
I got this cartoon idea from the late, great Arthur C. Clark, British science fiction author, inventor and futurist extraordinaire.  He fired my imagination as a young man, and I believe I’ve read virtually all of his books.  You may know of him from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Someone once asked him what his sign was.  And he replied, “I don’t believe in astrology — I’m a Sagittarius, and we are skeptical.”

I selfishly changed the sign to Virgo.  You may gather that I am a Virgo.  We are said to be yawn-wide boring.  I wonder if Mitt Romney is a Virgo?

Oh, and I am skeptical.

Have a nice day – J. Daniel

Cartoon Dialogue:
Mimosa, at the Bark n’ Barley Bar:  “What’s your sign, Woody?”
Woody: “I don’t believe in astrology, Mimosa.  I’m a Virgo and we are skeptical.”

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